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2021 Global HIDDIN Workforce Census

The aim of the Census project is to quantify and qualify the Global HIDDIN (Health Informatics, Digital, Data, Information, kNowledge) Workforce, specifically to delineate and count the workforce, consider the future configuration of workforce, identify workforce shortfalls, and identify current health information training and career pathways.

The 2021 Census is now closed.

Please return to the Census homepage to subscribe for updates and to access the report later in 2021.

Who should complete the Census?

Completion of the census is by self-identification as a member of the HIDDIN Workforce. The definition used in this project is:

Anyone who self-identifies as being a part of the HIDDIN Workforce. You are part of the workforce if any part of your role (including volunteer or actively seeking) includes a function (listed below) related to health data, information, or knowledge.

Functions could include analysing, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining, managing, operating, evaluating, or governing the data, technology, systems, and services for the health sector.

You might not identify as part of the HIDDIN workforce if your function is limited to using health data, information, or knowledge but none of the other functions listed above.

How long will it take to complete the Census?

This will vary depending on your educational background and current employment status. However, during our pilot study and the 2018 Census, the majority of participants completed the census in less than 20 minutes, with the average time being 14 minutes. You can save your responses and return to complete the census later in the month, but it is essential that you save your return code, otherwise you cannot return. To do this, click "Save & Return Later" at the bottom of any page in the census. This will generate a 'Return Code'. Copy or write down the Return Code.

How can I complete the Census offline?

Contact one of the project leads listed below if you would like a paper copy of the Census posted to you.

What will the Census ask?

The sections of the Census are:

Section 1: Background Information
Section 2: Professional Association and Health Practitioner Registration
Section 3: Formal Education
Section 4: Credentials
Section 5: Discipline and Paid Employment Information
Section 6: Unpaid And Voluntary Work
Section 7: Professional Development
Section 8: Workforce Intentions

What will happen to my data?

Please see the information sheet for how your data is collected and stored, and how it will be used.

The Census Project maintains the following Privacy Statement:

The collection of data and all associated data access projects must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and state privacy legislation. All data must be treated with confidentiality.

The HIDDIN Workforce Census data must be stored in a safe and secure location that can only be accessed by identified personnel. Only the investigators listed under the section ‘Contacts’ and research staff employed specifically for the Census project can access the Census database.

All data must be stored in a de-identified manner. Data collected for the longitudinal study must be stored separate from the linkage log.

An individual should not be identifiable in the publication or presentation of data from the Census.

Access to data by external organisations must comply with this privacy statement.

A final report will be released on the Census website by December 2021. Aggregated data findings will be reported from time to time on the LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

This project has an open data approach. This means organisations and individuals will be able to request access to the de-identified census data for non-commercial purposes.  Further information about data access can be found at the Census website.


For further information, please contact one of the project Chairs

Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson
University of Tasmania:

RMIT University:

Professor Kathleen Gray
University of Melbourne

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