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Words about patents and ideas One of the major areas of research interest for the CLG is patenting and licensing of biotechnology inventions, especially in the sub area of gene patents. All of our patent research projects are led by Professor Dianne Nicol, an international and national expert in this area. This is also a major area of research interest for Dr Jane Nielsen. Additionally there are a number of PhD students currently working on patent topics.

The CLG has recently completed a large project on the role of patents in facilitating innovation, which we refer to as The Innovation Pool in Biotechnology (Patent Pool Project). We recommend looking at some of our completed projects, submissions, and individual researchers profiles to see the breadth of our patent work.

We have published extensively in this area. We recommend you search by researcher, and have a look at occasional papers 7, 8, and 9 which all concern patent law.

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PhD Opportunities

Patents generally and their interface with the medical/health sector is of continual interest to the CLG. Expressions of interest are welcome, either to the research team or contact us and we can direct your communication.