Centre for Law and Genetics

Towards a Trusted Genomic Repository: Tackling Commercialisation Fears


Funding Source: Medical Research Futures Fund, Genomic Health Futures Mission - Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

Commencement: 2020

Project Status: Current

Project Summary

The success of the Australian Genomics Health Futures Mission (GHFM) rests on the ability to reduce tension between public trust and industry involvement. Via empirical public research we will provide the GHFM with the evidence needed to tackle this tension.

We will uncover reasons for concern by identifying publics with distinct views on different aspects of commercialisation, thereby enabling tailored engagement and communication strategies. Doctrinal and policy research into existing governance arrangements will also enable the GHFM to analyse their capacity to respond to reasons for distrust identified through the empirical research.

Contextualising the outputs within national and international obligations will provide an evidence base for targeted recommendations to promote trust.