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Past exam papers

UTAS Library provides electronic access to past examination papers via MegaSearch and Reading Lists.

In MegaSearch (for exam papers 2007 onwards)

  • Search by Unit Code e.g. CSA257

In Readings Lists (for exam papers 2007 onwards with an active Reading List)

  • Find your unit via the search box or use the scrolling list
  • Click on the Exam Papers tab
  • Click on the hypertext link to access the paper

The Library can only provide access to exam papers released to it by the Examinations Office on the advice of the Unit Co-ordinator. Approximately 30% of exam papers are released. If you cannot find the exam paper you are looking for you will need to check the availability of the exam paper with your lecturer. Some lecturers do not allow their papers to be published. Exams with multiple choice sections are also not usually published.