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Regional Partnerships Program

The Regional Partnership Program is a set of projects, conducted in partnership with regional communities and organisations, that has a significant impact on the social, economic and cultural development of Tasmania’s regions.

A team of staff embedded in regional communities works with regional people and mobilises the broader university to address challenges and opportunities in regions. The university acts as a contributor and broker of partnerships state-wide.  The program focuses on the following topics.

Learning Access and Equity – improving access by regional people to learning opportunities. This enhances people’s employment and their lives, better allowing them to contribute to their regional economy and society.

Supporting Communities of Learners - fostering lifelong learning and developing positive attitudes to education which helps regional people maintain skills and employment in a changing economy.

Post-Covid Economic Recovery – brokering university involvement with partners to help regional businesses and communities to recover, and for regional economies to “build back better”.

Regional Vitality – supporting regional people in managing economic transition and community resilience.