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Regional Partnerships Program

The University of Tasmania Regional Partnerships Program is a coordinated set of projects that are co-created and conducted by regional organisations, communities and the university, as partners. Offering state-wide, regional support, the program is a key part of the university’s place-based approach which champions regional distinctiveness and responds to the opportunities and needs of people in Tasmania’s regions.

Regional Partnerships is community-led, relationship-based, outcome-focused and driven by the strategic priorities of the University.

Our Purpose

  1. To deliver core regional projects proven to support community learning and access to educational opportunities for regional Tasmanians.
  2. To mobilise UTAS programs which deliver positive social, economic, and cultural development to regional Tasmanians.
  3. To provide a conduit between UTAS and regional stakeholders, facilitating and fostering effective relationships between the university and regional Tasmanian communities

Our Strategies

The Program has two strategies (below) with each having focus topics and targeted collaborative projects.

Strategy 1. Learning Access and Equity

  • Understanding regional learners
  • People valuing and appreciating learning
  • Developing pathways for regional learning

Strategy 2. Mobilising UTAS for regional impact

  • Mobilising internal stakeholders
  • Brokering partnerships and collaboration
  • Orienting UTAS to better work with regions

Our projects

West Coast Education Project

A community-partnered initiative, the West Coast Education Project was created to improve learning outcomes for West Coast residents. A locally based staff member works side-by-side with the community to understand the perception of education in the region and to work on issues that create barriers to further educational engagement. Initiatives include Children’s University, Alumni & Friends network, and participation in the various committees and organisations.

STEAM Engagement

The STEAM Engagement Project engages regional people in national and state-based STEAM opportunities and involves students at over 20 regional schools in science and engineering activities partnered with local businesses.

Regional Organisations and Initiatives

Close working relationships with a range of regional organisations and initiatives supports the conduct and development of joint activities.