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Newest Masters unit thanks to TMVC post-doc Dr Matthew J. Cracknell

This year saw the expansion of the Master of Economic Geology (Masters by coursework) program at CODES, at the University of Tasmania, from 6 to 12 coursework units. The first of the new units to be offered was Geodata Analytics which attracted strong interest from enrolled students and external participants alike, quickly reaching the participant cap of 30. The unit provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts of database handling and manipulation, statistical analyses, pattern recognition and machine learning for the processing, analysis and modelling of large volumes of multivariate geoscience data.

The Geodata Analytics course has come about thanks to the expertise of TMVC post-doctoral researcher Dr Matthew J. Cracknell. Matthew has been researching in the TMVC Research Hub for five years, becoming an invaluable member of many of the Hub’s sub-projects across all research themes, as well as providing advice to many others.

Geodata Analytics is being delivered in a somewhat different format to most of the coursework units in the program by being spread over three online modules running between October and December 2020. The first module is six weeks of self-paced learning (currently underway) which will be followed in November by an intensive week of interactive lectures and practicals. The final module will be a month for self-directed and collaborative learning finishing up in mid-December.

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