UMORE - Pharmacy


Education is a key focus for UMORE. We have developed educational tools for pharmacists, other health professionals and patients. Training and educational tools developed by UMORE include:

  • online learning management system development, administration and integration
  • online training modules
  • video production
  • interactive online content development
  • custom website creation

Since 2012 the UMORE team has specialised in providing first-class education experience. We are the sole provider of education for the Medicines Australia Continuing Education Program (MA CEP) via our iLearn website. The MA CEP has six programs targeted to workers in the pharmaceutical industry, and a number of short courses.

Our team can create quality educational experiences, using best practice in on-line learning. We can create high quality material content, interactive design elements based on the latest on-line learning, and visually appealing course content.

Our software developers can create bespoke integrations between our learning management platform as well as our custom suite of management tools.