Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science

A Look Back at 2012

As we welcome in 2013, we take this opportunity to reflect on another successful year at ACROSS.

Awards and Recognition

In 2012, ACROSS demonstrated a high standard of excellence through the numerous awards staff received. Congratulations to all those who achieved awards and recognition, including:

  • Prof Emily Hilder, who started the 2012 awards off by received the LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award. The award recognises the achievements and aspirations of young talented individuals who are taking important steps to advance their career and chosen fields.
  • Prof Paul Haddad, who won the esteemed American Chemical Society Chromatography Award, making him the first Australian to ever receive it. He will be presented with the award in New Orleans, April 2013. For showing outstanding leadership in his field, Prof Haddad also received the Premier's Award for Tasmanian Scientist of the Year.
  • A/Prof Gregory Dicinoski, who received the Tasmanian Minister's Science Innovation Award for the ACROSS project, Scantex. Designed to provide greater security at airports, Scantex is an anti-terrorism device that can detects the presence of home-made explosives.
  • Dr Rosanne Guijt, who was presented with the Young Tall Poppy Science Award for 2012. Dr Guijt, who develops and manufactures Lab on a Chip systems, is now the third ACROSS member to be named a Tall Poppy.


In addition to the large number of ongoing grants throughout 2012, ACROSS has also had success in securing new grants for 2012 and 2013. Congratulations to all those who achieved funding, including:

  • Prof Paul Haddad
  • Prof Emily Hilder
  • Dr Blagoj Mitrevski
  • Prof Mirek Macka
  • A/Prof Joselito Quirino
  • Prof Phillip Marriott
  • Prof Brett Paull
  • A/Prof Robert Shellie
  • A/Prof Gregory Dicinoski

In 2012 alone, ACROSS secured a total of $4,726,337 in new grants, which range in duration from one to six years. For more information, head over to our funding page.

Staff Changes

ACROSS welcomed over 10 new members in 2012, but also said many fond farewells. Two staff in particular, Dr Joe Hutchinson and Mr Anthony Malone, have spent a combined total of over 15 years at ACROSS, and we wish them, together with all the other ACROSS alumni, all the best for the future.

The Future

This is just a small summary of what ACROSS has been up to in 2012. More information, including our ERA 2012 results, publications and research, will all be available in the ACROSS Annual Report 2012, due later this year.

Many thanks to all those who helped make 2012 such a memorable year for ACROSS, and we look forward to working with you in 2013.

Published on: 03 Jan 2013