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X-Ray Fluorescence Laboratory


Applications and Expertise

This lab specializes in high quality major and trace element data. We use several in house standards, with a range of compositions, analysed with each batch of samples. Frequent accuracy checks are made using international rock reference materials from the USGS, GSJ, CCRMP-CANMET-MMSL (NRCan), IGGE, and others, as well as blank checks using pure silica. The lab staff has developed specialized methods for analysing high sulphur, iron, and carbonate rocks. The lab also specializes in measurement of fluorine in the lithium borate glass discs

  • Major elements analysis
  • Routine trace element analysis
  • Specialised trace element analyses
  • Crushing and milling facilities
  • Key publications



Axios Advanced WDS XRF:

The Axios was installed in 2009 and features a 4.0 kilo-Watt Rh SST-mAX50 X-ray tube from Panalytical. The instrument has several dispersing crystals: PX10, Ge, Pe, PX1, & LiF220, allowing for a quantitative range of elements from Fluorine to Uranium. The instrument has three detectors: flow, sealed Xe, and scintillation, again allowing for a wide range of elements and spectral peaks for analysis. The spectrometer is controlled by Super-Q software and features and autosampler system for rapid analysis and high throughput of samples.

Glass Disk Furnace3.0 Kilo-Watt Gold anode tube:

Most analyses done with the Rh anode tube, however for specific research applications the Au anode tube can give better detection limits and shorter counting times for a number of trace elements: Sc, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Te, Ba, W, Ga, La, Ce and Nd. This tube also gives better precision for elements at low (<20ppm) concentrations.

14-IQ-Au-Tube-Profile-with-IGlass Disk Furnace:

The lab utilises a custom built electrically heated brick furnace for all lithium borate glasses disks for major element analysis. Pt moulds and crucibles are used and provide flat circular disks that give excellent totals.

Access to Facilities

The laboratory provides access to XRF analysis to CODES staff and students, academic collaborators within UTAS and other institutions, and industry. For access arrangements and current charges contact CODES Analytical Laboratories.


Prof. Leonid Danyushevsky, Leader of CODES Analytical Laboratories
All sample analysis inquiries, instrument maintenance.
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Dr Paul Olin, Laboratory Manager
XRF analysis and Maintenance.
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