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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Principles

In our Statement of Values the University of Tasmania makes a commitment to "working from the strength diversity brings".   Aligned to this and informed by legislative requirements the following Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Principles guide our planning and practice.

We, the UTAS community:

  • Are responsible for creating and promoting inclusive research,learning, teaching and working environments open to differences, welcoming of diversity, intolerant of harassment and discrimination; where all people are treated with respect, fairness and justice.
  • Recognise human diversity as an asset and strength; acknowledging its potential as a source of vitality, creativity and growth.
  • Acknowledge equitable practices as key enablers of participation and opportunity.
  • Integrate inclusion, diversity and equity into University planning and practice, through shared ownership and responsibility.
  • Enable each other to build the skills and confidence to implement, advocate, and model inclusive practices assisted by clear policies, processes, and professional development.