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At the University of Tasmania we value a University community where ALL staff and students can contribute freely to a vibrant and productive social and work environment. We have gathered together a number of resources which will assist you to make this happen.

Equal Opportunity Online

The University of Tasmania aims to enable an inclusive and diverse environment in which all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably; free of harassment and discrimination. To raise the awareness of staff about harassment and discrimination issues, and to be clear about expected standards of behaviour we require all newly appointed staff to complete the online equal opportunity training program.

Unconscious Bias

The University Learning and Development Portal, LinkedIn Learning is accessible to all staff using their University login details and it also provides a useful introduction to the concept of Unconscious Bias. The 25 minute course can be accessed online. You can also take the Implicit Association Test, as another way of increasing your awareness of unconscious bias.

A number of policies support and enable our inclusion, diversity and equity commitments.

Diversity Council of Australia

The University is a member of the Diversity Council of Australia (DCA), this enables all staff access to the DCA's extensive range of free or discounted services, research findings, toolkits, advice, networks and events. All staff may access DCA's resources through the Members Only area of their website by setting up an individual account using your University email address. You may also sign up to DCA e-communications including the fortnightly Diversity Matters Update and members-only quarterly journal Research Matters.

Breastfeeding Workplace Accreditation

Accredited organisations offer conditions that make it easier for women to combine breastfeeding with study and/or work. At the University of Tasmania, this means paid lactation breaks for employees, flexible work/study options and private expressing facilities.  More information is available on our breastfeeding on campus web page.