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Ally Network

Promoting an inclusive university culture for people of diverse sexualities, sexes and gender identities.

  • Provide a visible network of identified ALLIES to people of diverse sexualities, sexes and gender identities to be agents of change.
  • Create a safe, nurturing, inclusive, and affirming University environment
  • Build a support and advocacy network through education; develop further awareness and visibility of staff and students of diverse sexualities and gender identities and their issues.

An Ally is someone who is informed about, sensitive toward, and understanding of people of diverse sexualities, sexes and gender identities and their issues; affirms their experience and rights; and chooses to challenge homophobic, transphobic and/or heterosexist values of others in a variety of ways including by individual example and personal awareness.

Allies can be approached if there are aspects of your experience at University as a sexually and gender diverse person that you need to discuss. Allies will be happy to listen, provide guidance and be a supportive point of contact. Allies are not counsellors or caseworkers.

Being an Ally requires the following commitments:

  • The first step  in becoming an Ally  requires you to complete  the Ally Network Online Training unit on Mylo.  Once you have completed this MyLo Unit you will be able to register your interest to undertake  our  in-person training.
  • Participating in a 3-hour interactive workshop to become better acquainted with your role as an Ally, and to develop a better understanding of the issues experienced by people of diverse sexuality and gender identities. Most people grow up with unexamined heteronormative assumptions, attitudes, and behaviours. The process of alliance can take time, and for this reason, awareness raising and information sessions are an important part of being an Ally.
  • Reflecting on personal beliefs and develop self-awareness of your attitudes and commitment to diversity in the community.
  • Providing a safe place to talk for members of our University community who seek your support, empathy or friendship and information on DGSS (Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities) issues, while maintaining confidentiality. Being open to questions from and about DGSS students and staff.
  • Working within and supporting existing policies and practices that bring equity to the UTAS community and give open support to DGSS people.
  • Attending occasional Ally development sessions and actively seeking to expand your own knowledge and understanding of various issues of concern to sexually and gender diverse persons.

LGBTI awareness and Ally training

The Ally Network Online Training unit on MyLO will provide introductory training for staff and students on issues that affect LGBTIQ+ people in a university context.   The content of the module was created in collaboration with our current in-person training provider Working It Out.

Upon successful completion of the training, staff and students will be able to register their interest for the more comprehensive in-person training that is a requirement of joining the Ally Network at UTAS.

You can enrol in the Ally Network Online Training by:

  1. Logging into MyLO and select the Discover Course Catalog link
  2. Searching for Ally Network Online Training
  3. Clicking on Enrol in Course

The unit will then show in the 2023YR section of My Units on your MyLO home page.

More detailed instructions on using the Discover Course Catalog are available here: