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Allied Health Expansion Project

About the project

Allied health professionals are integral to transforming health. They contribute specific expertise into enhancing the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. Improving Tasmania’s health requires greater access to comprehensive allied health care. Enhancing health outcomes and health delivery systems requires greater recognition of and support for quality State-based education and training for the allied health professions.

The University currently offers undergraduate courses in pharmacy, psychology, social work, laboratory medicine, nutrition and exercise science. Any of these programs of study can be used as a foundational degree to enter graduate entry allied health master degrees. A small number of Tasmanian students are also eligible to study Medical Imaging or Optometry through credit articulation agreements with our partnering universities. However, both of these arrangements mean Tasmanians need to move to another state which can be disruptive, socially isolating and expensive.

It is important that Tasmanian people have local options for becoming an allied health professional and are able to complete courses that are locally responsive to community health needs across our different regions. We are therefore exploring possibilities for expanding the range of Allied Health courses the College of Health and Medicine may offer.

Project aims

  • To contribute to the development and education of allied health professionals with capability in leadership and future-focused health care to help drive the transformation of health outcomes in Tasmania and beyond.
  • To develop a cross sector allied health workforce development and supply strategy to impact, improve and transform Tasmanian health outcomes through allied health workforce planning, supply, development and care.
  • To create new pathways, and design and implement new allied health degrees and short courses in Tasmania at entry to practice level and post graduate levels.

Our Goals

Short Term Goals: Short courses and professional development activities for Allied Health Professionals

  • To provide the current Tasmanian allied health workforce with access to convenient, industry-relevant professional development that can be applied in everyday work practices, and build skill sets to enhance current and future career ambitions.
  • To provide the Tasmanian allied health professional community with access to innovation in learning about health promotion, leadership development, health system innovation and research and evaluation.

Medium Term Goal: Partial Allied Health Education Arrangements with other university Partners

  • To increase Tasmanian’s interest in allied health careers and access to allied health courses that cannot be sustainably offered by the University of Tasmania.

Long Term Goal: Develop a suite of Allied health courses for offer by the University of Tasmania

  • To work with allied health professionals, industry and professional bodies to develop and offer a suite of new Allied Health courses that respond to allied health needs in Tasmania

Strong Partner and Stakeholder Engagement

To inform the development of an agreed, sustainable and responsive strategy and education and training action plan for preparing allied health professionals for working in regional, rural and remote areas and across the priority areas of health service delivery.

Join our Reference Group Collaborative Educational Models and Allied Health Courses

To work collaboratively with allied health professionals and educational innovators to design high-quality academic education and intensive training in relevant clinical and professional environments across Tasmania.

  • Join our Course Advisory Committees

Adequate Allied Health Workforce Capability, Capacity and Supply and in Tasmania

To develop resources, information and activities to assist allied health practitioners in their work and to support their ongoing education and professional development.

To develop an allied health workforce intelligence clearing house to inform ongoing allied health workforce development in Tasmania.

Submit your recommendations for topics of interest

How you can be involved

We believe that everyone can help in some way. People are invited to provide their suggestions, share their views or connect us with your contacts and networks. Email

Reference group nomination form (PDF 55.2KB) Reference group - terms of reference (PDF 215.9KB)