MyLO - My Learning Online

MyLo Roles and Permissions

Teaching Roles

Unit Coordinator Only one Unit Coordinator can be assigned to a unit. This is done via MyLO Manager. The Unit Coordinator appears in the classlist and has the same role and abilities as the Lecturer role below.


Lecturers can work with default tools available within the unit. These tools include: Content, Discussions, Assignment Folders, Quizzes, Grades and Groups. Lecturers use these tools to access additional options for managing their unit, managing work submitted by students, managing grades and controlling the availability of content. They can also view individual student progress through unit activities.

Lecturers are listed in the Classlist.

Past Lecturer

Lecturers, as ‘Past Lecturer’, can access archives of their previous semesters’ units and have a Read Only view to all tools (i.e. they cannot delete or create). Past Lecturer can view stored student submissions, grades and contributions to Discussions etc.


A Tutor can access and assess submissions in the Assignment Folders, Discussions and Quizzes. These can be assessed and published.  They also have access to the Grades tool. Tutors can also create announcements. Tutors can Create new threads within Discussions-but not create Topics and Forums.

A Tutor has view access for other tools including Content, Checklists and the Classlist (where they are listed). If required, Tutors can be added as Lecturers in  MyLO Manager for full access to other tools within the unit.

Past Tutor

Tutors, as ‘Past Tutor’ can access their unit archives and have a Read Only view to all tools (i.e. they cannot delete or create).

Support Roles


Those in Support roles have the same permissions as lecturers within a unit. The only difference is that those with the Support role do not appear in the unit Classlist.

Past Support

The Past Support role can access their unit archives and have a Read Only view to all tools (i.e. they cannot delete or create).

Peer Support The Peer Support role is for users within PASS, disability services etc. This role gives users a view only role to units to assist students with their studies as needed. Users in this role do not have access to the classlist or grades

Learning Roles


Students can work with tools that have been utilised by their lecturers, such as Content, Assignment Folders and Discussions. In the Grades tool, students can access their own grades that have been released by the lecturer. In the student’s personal menu, they can view their progress across their units.

Past Student

Students can access their previous semester’s unit and have a Read Only view to all tools available to students (i.e. they cannot delete or create). This includes their own assessment submissions and a record of discussion messages.

Please note while you can download your assignment submissions, other content is not downloadable.

Peer Review


An Auditor has Read Only access to a unit and can see all tools the Lecturer has provided (i.e. they cannot delete or create). They can view discussions but not contribute, they can view progress of all students through Classlist and access records and reports in the assessment tools (Quizzes, Assignment Folders, Grades). They can see content that has not yet been released.

Auditors added to a unit do not appear in the Classlist.

MyLO Manager

On the Staff tab in MyLO Manager, you can allocate roles to staff for both information purposes and to assign permissions. (Only individuals with a current UTAS staff username can be added.)

Role Changes

Once a unit reaches its end date you will lose access to the unit within MyLO for that one day - the unit will still appear in your My Units widget list but will appear greyed out. Your access will be restored overnight once your role has been changed automatically by the system -  from a  Lecturer to Past Lecturer, Student to Past Student etc. If the unit is still being marked lecturers and support staff are able to reopen the unit for a short period of time.