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Course Catalog

What is the Course Catalog?

The Course Catalog displays a list of active non-award and development units and programs within MyLO, enabling you to self-enrol in units which will help with your studies  and professional development while at the University of Tasmania. To request that a unit appears within the Course Catalog for students, staff or a specific College or School to self-enrol in, follow the instructions on this page.

Access the Course Catalog to self enrol in some units

Check the Course Catalog for non-award units if you do not have access to them in MyLO. From here you can enrol in the unit yourself and have immediate access. The course catalog has a number of units for staff and students including Getting Started in MyLO, Turnitin and Academic Honesty, and the Work , Health and Safety unit.

  • Access the catalog via this URL:
  • Search for specific units in the search box or press Browse Units
    Browse units in the catalog
  • Or press on a Program to view units that are specific to you - such as Student or Staff Units.Press on the The program that is specific to you
  • A list of units available to you will appear.
  • For more information on a unit press on the title. To enrol you must login to the Course catalog. This is in the right hand corner.All the units you are able to enrol in
  • If you are already logged into MyLO, pressing on Log in will be done automatically, otherwise enter your email address and UTAS password when asked.
  • If you select to enrol in this program you will be enrolled in all the units within. If you just want to enrol in one unit select this and press Enrol
    Enrol in the unit/s
  • Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the unit in MyLO. Access the unit via the Waffle or pin it to your My Units widget