MyLO - My Learning Online

Unit Types within MyLO

An Award Unit is a unit which is used for delivering online content such as lectures, assignments and quizzes. An Award Unit is any unit where students will receive a result towards a qualification and is associated with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree . The unit must be linked to one (or more) unit offerings from the Course and Unit Handbook.

Non-Award Unit can be used in the same ways as an Award Unit; however there is no award associated with the outcome of this unit and it is not directly related to a undergraduate or post graduate degree. A Non-Award Unit is typically used for College or School wide areas as well as Staff and Student Development. Non-Award units are archived every year to avoid cluttering up users MyLO homepages.

Short Course in a Non-Award unit not associated with an undergraduate or post graduate degree program. Short courses offer the opportunity for staff and students to enhance their professional skills and increase general knowledge. Examples of Short Courses are those offered by AMC Search.

Sandpit Unit is a unit which belongs to an individual for experimenting and familiarisation purposes. You will not be able to add any students to a Sandpit Unit. However you can add staff to your Sandpit and give them Lecturer or Student access. You may choose to use a Sandpit to create content for copying to an Award unit.