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Optimal Grades Tool Settings for Large Classes

Using the Grade Book with a large class can be slow.

If you modify some of the settings in the Grade Book, this can minimise the difficulties you may have in getting your pages to load more quickly.

Unit Homepage

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 1Click Grades in the navbar.
  • Click Settings.

Grades Settings - Personal Display Options tab.

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 2Do not display any User Details.
  • Select only one Grade Detail.
  • Do not repeat the calculated or adjusted final grade at the start of the user list.

Grades Settings - Org Unit Display Options tab

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 3Set Decimals Displayed to 0.

Grades Settings - Calculation Options tab

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 4Under Auto Uptake, do not select the Automatically keep final grades updated option
  • After you have saved your Settings selections you are taken back to the Grades tool menu.

Enter Grades page

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 5View the user list by group (or section if applicable), then click Apply.
  • Set the number of users to display per page to a low value.
  • Click on the More Actions button and select Hide/Show Columns.

Hide/Show Columns pop-up

  • Optimal Grades Tool Settings 6Only display grade items or categories that you want to edit.
  • Click Save.

Things to avoid

  • Do not create unnecessary grade items or grade categories.
  • Do not create unnecessary Calculated or Formula grade items.
  • Avoid making changes to grade schemes, the grading system, or the final grade calculation type after grades have been assigned to students.
  • Only import users and grade items from an external file when that data has changed and needs to be included