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Creating Groups in MyLO

This guide outlines how you can create either a particular number of groups or a series of groups designed to each contain a nominal number of students. This guide uses a cohort of 10 - 12 students as examples, and relies on MyLO's capacity to automatically populate the groups with students.

To set groups for student self-enrolment, see the companion guide Creating Student Sign-Up Sheets.

  1. From your unit homepage Select Groups from the unit navigation bar.
    Select groups from the nav bar
  2. Click on the New Category button.
    Click on New Category
  3. Type a name in the Category Name text field. This is the name of the collection of groups that will be subsequently created - e.g. Project 1.
    Type a name for your groups
    Note: You can add a description to your group but it will not be seen by students
  4. To Create X number of groups: Select # of Groups as the enrolment type. Enter a number in Number of Groups field.
  5. # of groups

  6. To Create Groups of X number of students: Select Groups of # as the enrolment type. Enter a number in the Number of users field. This sets the nominal number of students for each group.
  7. .Groups of #

  8. To Create groups of one user: Select Single user, member specific groups.
  9. Single member groups

  10. Add a Group Prefix to your group - if you add nothing all groups will be titled Group 1, Group 2 etc. underneath your Group Category title. These can be edited once created to be more meaningful.Add a prefix
  11. Select Auto-Enrol New users - this will enable any new students to be automatically assigned to a group that has been created. Select Randomise user in groups if you do not want them alphabetically sorted. Note: You can manually allocate students with the selection of # of groups - No Auto enrolments.
    Advanced properties
  12. You can have a discussion area, locker and assignment folder set up for each of the groups if you wish. You can also add these later. Press Save.
    Additional Options
  13. Your newly created groups will now appear:
    Your new groups
  14. To view the members of a group , click the numbers in the Members column. You will see the name of each student in the group. Click close to close the window.
    Members of the group
  15. To edit the title of the groups to something more meaningful, press on the title. From here enter the new details and Save.
    Updated Group names
  16. You can also manually add/ remove users from your groups from here by pressing on the Enrol Users button:

Edit your Group name

  1. To print out all users in your groups please go to the Grades tool on the navigation bar. Press on Enter Grades and Export.

Grades then export.

  1. Fill in Group membership and any other details ( including grades) you want to export and press Export to CSV or Excel.

Group membership can be exported to CSV