Associate learning outcomes with a Quiz

When you are setting up a quiz, ensure that you select the Submission View setting if you want learners to see their learning outcomes.

  1. In a quiz, click Submission Views.
  2. If a default view does not exist that shows the questions to users, click Add Additional View.
  3. Complete the fields on the Add View page, ensuring that you click to select Show Learning Outcomes.
    Submission view
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Align learning outcomes to quiz questions

  • When you align a question to a learning outcome, the learning outcome is aligned to all uses of that question within quizzes in the same unit offering.
  • It is possible to bulk align to all questions within a question pool or section.
  • In addition, you can align learning outcomes to question pools. If you align a question pool to an outcome, all questions in that pool are aligned in all incidences of the question inside and outside the question pool.
  1. From the unit navbar select Assessments, click Quizzes.
  2. Click a quiz that already contains quiz questions.

    Select a quiz from the available list.
  3. Click Add/Edit Questions.
    The Add/Edit Questions button opens the a dialog box which lists the available questions.
  4. Search for or browse to find one or more questions or question pools to be aligned with learning outcomes, then click More Actions.
    Note: The More Actions button does not appear until you have selected a question.
    The More Actions button displays the standards you can align to the selected question.
  5. Click Align to Learning Outcomes.
    Select the check boxes for the learning outcomes you want to directly align to the quiz questions and click Add.  The associated outcomes now appear under each of the selected questions.Press Align to Learning OUtcomes
  6. Clear the check boxes for the previously selected quiz questions and repeat the process to align any additional quiz questions to appropriate standards. Once complete your questions will appear as per the image below:  Quiz Question view
  7. When you have completed aligning questions to learning outcomes, click Back to Settings for quiz.

When a question in a quiz has a learning outcome aligned to it, an outcome tag appears next to the question in the Quiz Builder View and the Question Pool Editor. The Question Pool view also shows the cumulative list of all outcomes aligned to questions within the pool.