MyLO - My Learning Online

Creating Learning Outcomes within your Unit

Adding a Learning Outcome in MyLO

Go to Admin & Help/ Unit Admin/ Learning Outcomes.

Press on Add Outcome

Note: that within the Learning Outcomes tool in Brightspace a unit is called a 'course' and a course is called a 'program'.

Add outcome

Add a Learning Outcome description and click Save. A unit can have multiple top level Learning Outcomes.Add Outcome

The Learning Outcomes tool allows you to add lower level outcomes beneath the one you just created. This might correspond to a component, step or criterion needed to reach the ILO. However, adding extra levels of learning outcomes in MyLO is not recommended as it may make the task of associating ILOs with assessments and checking progress more complicated than is necessary.

Importing Learning Outcomes from a Program

Please note that if you wish to use the same Learning Outcomes across several units, a  Program can be created for you at the UTAS level  from which you can select. This function would not be suitable for unit ILOs. It could be used for graduate themes and skills or other skills that run across a course. However, including both unit ILOs and other generic skills in the Learning Outcomes tool could make it harder to use the tool to check that ILOs have been met. Therefore, it is not recommended. To import shared outcomes, you would need to request this via a Ticket in Service Now.

Importing from Achievement Standards Network

Learning Outcomes can be imported via the Achievement Standards Network, however; this network is generally not used for the University Sector. These standards are unable to be edited as they are from a governing body. This function exists because D2L services TAFE and K-12 clients as well as universities.