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New Features available within Feedback Studio

Document Details:

The Documents Detail side panel within the Similarity Layer of Feedback Studio provides you with information regarding a file's metadata.

It is the last icon in the Similarity Layer of Feedback Studio. Pressing on the icon will open up the panel to give you information on the author name, the last modified by name and language used. Docx files will give you the most information.

Note: If  anonymous marking is enabled, then the Document Details will be hidden as it reveals student information.

Document details screen

More information on the Document Details panel can be found here:

Document Flags:

Document flags will appear to you within the Feedback Studio Panel,  when a student has undertaken a cheating method with the intention to disrupt the similarity matching algorithms. These may include replacing characters by swapping out letters with another alphabet, or white on white text.

Character Replacement:

replacement text

White Text:

Use of white text

When evaluating a students work within the Feedback Studio, press on the Flags option at the top of the Similarity Layer options to view any issues:

Panel with new Flags option

Pressing on the flag will open up further information for you to  investigate.

More information on the flag highlighted

More about Flags can be found here: