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Using E-rater within Turnitin

ETS e-rater is a grammar checking services associated with Turnitin. If selected when creating your Turnitin assignment a student will get a e-rater feedback report upon submission of their assignments. It is advised that lecturers use the advanced version of e-rater. More information can be found on ETS here.

A lecturer enables e-rater for their Turnitin assignment. This is done in the Turnitin More Options tab. Select ETS handbook, Advanced and UK English Dictionary as your options.Select More options in Turnitin

A student will then submit to the assignment folder:

A studnet submits ther assignment

Once submitted a student will get the option to View e-rater feedback within Turnitin.

Student geta an e-rater report

In Turnitin there will now be an option for view ETS. Select this to open up the grammar report

Press on ETS

ETS results

  1. e-rater Results will be displayed in sections of Grammar, Mechanics, Style, Usage and Spelling
  2. Highlighted throughout your assessment will be the items that need correcting. Pressing on the item in your assignment will open up a new window with information.
  3. To view more information press on View Handbook for a detailed account of what the issue is and ways to resolve this.

Once feedback for the assignment is published, students will then no longer see a link to e-rater within MyLO. They will then get a link to view their Grademark feedback.

Feedback published