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Akari Unit Outlines within MyLO

Akari is the source of truth for curriculum at the University of Tasmania. From Trimester 2, 2023, two colleges have been involved in a soft launch of using Akari to generate Unit Outlines. For Semester 2, at least one School per College used Akari to generate Unit Outlines, with a full University roll-out starting in 2024.

A link to the Unit Outline you create within Akari will be automatically added to the Unit Information widget within MyLO.

From 2024 when you create a unit within MyLO Manager you will have two choices for your Unit Outline:

  • Akari Generated - auto selected
  • MyLO Web Page

Unit outline options

* MyLO Web Page - this  option should only be used for units that do not have unit codes within the title or if you have chosen not to use Akari for Semester 1 2024.

Once your unit is created and within MyLO the Unit information widget will then look like this:

Unit information widget

Pressing on the link will take you to the Outlines website:

Course outline website

‚ÄčThe link in your MyLO Unit Information widget will be automatically created, but won’t display your Unit Outline unless the content has been created in Akari and a Unit Outline generated. Users will instead get the below message if these steps have not been actioned:

Unit outline error

For more information on how to create your Unit Outline within Akari visit this site: