MyLO - My Learning Online

Editing the Unit Information Widget

It is possible to change the appearance of the Unit Information widget that appears on the homepage of  your unit. This will either add or remove links in this area based on your choice when creating or maintaining the unit via MyLO Manager.
Log into MyLO Manager:

Either Create Online Unit or Maintain an existing unit.
Create or maintain your units.

Set the number of Unit Outlines

  • Single Outline - One Unit outline Link
  • One per Unit Code - One unit outline link for each cohort added to the unit
  • OnCampus/OffCampus - One unit outline link for On Campus Students and one for Off campus
    Choose your Unit outline preference

Set the Format of the Unit Outline

Options include:

  • Akari Generated
  • MyLO Web Page

Set the Timetable and Reading List flag.

  • Checked - Links to the Timetable /Reading List system will appear in the Unit Information Widget.
  • Un-Checked - Links to the Timetable/Reading List system will not appear in the Unit Information Widget.
    Add or remove links to the timetable and Reading lists

Information on how to Upload your Unit Outline within your unit can be found here: