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Community engagement

Engagement forms an integral part of the Rural Clinical School's mission to work with the community in raising awareness of health and health careers.

Throughout each academic year we deliver a number of interactive learning programs on site and at local schools which cover aspects of health education and allow participants to explore future health careers. We also provide health checks and lifestyle advice at events across the region. RCS community engagement initiatives are led by medical students with the support of our staff educators.

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School programs

The Rural Clinical School offers health education programs for local primary and high school students, designed to raise their interest and awareness of health and health careers.

Medical students lead engaging hands-on activities which allow young participants to learn in a fun and informative setting. The programs align with the national curriculum and can be delivered at the RCS Burnie and Mersey campuses, or at participating schools.

Download our flyers for more information about these initiatives:

Health careers

Our Health Career programs are tailored for high school and college students considering a career in the sector who would benefit from practical exercises and pathways that guide them towards a preferred health occupation.

Year 10 Health Careers Practical Skills Workshops - Cancelled

Due to preparations being taken in the response to COVID-19 the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Year 10 Health Careers Workshops.

The Year 10 Health Careers Practical Skills workshops are day-long programs offered at our Burnie and Mersey campuses on two occasions each year which offer students an opportunity to learn and practise essential skills used by health professionals.

Each workshop is divided into simulated ‘health stations' where participants receive an initial presentation from medical students, before working in teams to apply problem-solving techniques in hands-on scenarios. Health stations allow students to practise responding to casualties in an emergency, administering first aid, making a medical diagnosis by piecing together clues, learning how to take blood, checking blood pressure and understanding chronic illnesses such as diabetes and preventative health.

The workshops also share information about the University of Tasmania’s higher education courses in health, and what steps and subjects Year 10 students need to take during their college schooling in pursuit of a health career.

Download the 2020 flyer for further information:

  • Year 10 Health Careers Workshops
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Year 9 Health Careers Workshops - Cancelled

Due to preparations being taken in the response to COVID-19 the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Year 9 Health Careers Workshops.

The Year 9 Health Careers Workshops are facilitated twice each year at our Burnie and Mersey campuses. Each day-long program is delivered by Rural Clinical School staff, students and local health workers and allow participants to discover a number of health professions.

Students elect their chosen health careers and in groups, experience simulated scenarios in Medicine, Pharmacy Nursing, Pathology, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Radiography, Oral health, Optometry, Social work, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Paramedicine, Environmental health and Speech Pathology.

Activities include administering fillings, dressing in gloves, gowns and masks to perform surgery using hospital equipment, suturing techniques, maternity nursing delivery procedures, applying first aid and resuscitation, taking blood pressure, and applying dressings to wounds.

Download the 2020 Burnie and Latrobe flyers for further information:

  • Year 9 Health Careers Workshops (PDF 2.6 MB)
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Year 10, 11 & 12 Health Careers Evenings

Each year, the RCS hosts informal evening events allowing local college students and their families to engage with College of Health and Medicine staff, local health professionals and medical students.

Held on consecutive evenings at our Burnie and Mersey campuses, each information session comprises of short presentations followed by an expo where visitors can gather material about the University’s courses, accommodation services and scholarships while interacting with health students and staff.

The Year 10, 11 & 12 Health Careers Evenings are also open to any individual looking to return to study.

For more information, download the 2020 flyer:

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the vital link between the Rural Clinical School and the North-West’s communities.

This strong community partnership supports fourth- and final-year medical students to experience professional placements across the region in general practice, aged care, pharmacy, and at local health centres while completing their Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree.

CAB comprises of nominees from federal and local government, the Rural Clinical School, University of Tasmania College of Health and Medicine, and North-West community representatives.

Chaired by Professor Ben Canny, Head of the University’s School of Medicine, meetings are held bi-annually rotating between Burnie and rural communities to discuss the availability of resources, student travel, accommodation, remote placements and new learning opportunities. CAB also functions to build collaborative and strategic relationships for the RCS.

Current representatives of the Community Advisory Board are:

  • Professor James Vickers – College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania
  • Professor Jennifer Presser – College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania
  • Associate Professor Lizzi Shires – Rural Clinical School
  • Kayla Millhouse – Rural Clinical School
  • Brooklyn Jaxx - Rural Clinical School
  • Caleb Nichols-Mansell - Rural Clinical School
  • Rural Clinical School Year 4 & 5 Student representatives
  • Federal government representative
  • Chris Walpole – West Coast representative
  • Joanne Francis – West Coast representative
  • Alderman Chris Lynch – Burnie City Council
  • Associate Professor Tony Barnett – Centre for Rural Health
  • Cr Penny Lane – Kentish Council
  • Cr Lesley Young – Latrobe Council
  • Mayor Daryl Quilliam – Circular Head Council
  • Deputy Mayor Mary Duniam – Waratah-Wynyard Council
  • Mayor Annette Rockliff – Devonport City Council
  • Melissa Budgeon – Central Coast Council representative