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The Rural Clinical School research team has an ethos and a track record of collaborative projects with healthcare providers and other key stakeholders in rural and regional Tasmania. Our research is anchored in addressing the rural workforce and issues of health service delivery which impact the communities in which we live and work.

Our focus

We aim to build and sustain a strong local health workforce. Research helps us determine which RCS activities are most successful in fostering the interest of rural young people to pursue a health career, supporting them through their professional training and retention as a rural health practitioner.

Our research has a strong focus on building the capacity and evidence for rural health research by working collaboratively with local clinicians on issues of relevance to our area.

A core part of this program is to support and mentor fourth- and fifth-year medical students to participate in research, modelling a team approach to increase interest and competence in further research engagement.

The research team also supports RCS staff to engage in projects related to medical education and rural healthcare relevant to their own clinical practice.