Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES)

Violence and Abuse Research Unit

The Violence and Abuse Research Unit (VARU) brings together a team of researchers interested in various aspects of interpersonal violence including family violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse and neglect from the disciplines of sociology, criminology, psychology and health economics.

VARU Members

  • Coordinator: Dr Romy Winter
  • Members: Prof Roberta Julian, Ms Ebba Herrlander Birgerson, Prof Nicole Asquith, Dr Gwynn MacCarrick, Dr Kimberley Norris, Dr Ron Frey, Dr Mandy Matthewson, Dr Peter Lucas and Dr Ron Mason

Research Projects

  • DV-alert: Recognising and Responding to Men who use Violence (2020).
  • Evaluation of Project Vigilance (Full Trial), an initiative involving the bilateral electronic monitoring of family violence offenders by Tasmania Police (2019-2020).
  • Evaluation of Mothers Circle: Empowering Women to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) within Families and Communities (2019-2020).
  • Developing a New Risk Framework for the Safe Families Coordination Unit (2018).

Publications: visit TILES Publications and Reports.

Partnered Research: Preventing Gender Violence, QUT

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