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Re-Use Program

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Each year the University generates a large amount of unwanted furniture that can be reused.

The re-use program allows staff to:

  • list unwanted furniture that are suitable for re-use within the University
  • view and search an online catalogue of furniture
  • claim or request an item.

This program was launched in 2017 and is now open for University staff across all campuses.

To access or register, please visit the Re-Use Program website.

The effectiveness of this service depends on users adding items to the catalogue. If you have surplus or unwanted items, please register or login and upload them to the system. If you require any assistance or would like someone to provide one-on-one demonstration, please email the Sustainability Team.

For system users, please check the Warp-It User Manual (PDF 2.2 MB) for assistance cataloguing and claiming items.

About the Re-use Program

For years this furniture has been informally redistributed within the University through the efforts of Infrastructure Services and Development (ISD) facilities service officers and other resourceful staff.

In October 2016 ISD began trialling an online process for the cataloguing and claiming of reusable furniture across Sandy Bay campus. During the pilot program over 500 items have been re purposed.

If you would like any further information, please email the Sustainability Team.