Marine, Antarctic and Maritime

Sitting at the edge of the vast Southern Ocean, and separated from the Australian mainland by a treacherous Strait, Tasmania is an ideal laboratory in which to advance understanding of temperate marine, Southern Ocean and Antarctic environments.

Tasmania's only university enjoys all the advantages its location has to offer: tremendous international collaborations, world-class expertise and the broadest range of marine, Antarctic and maritime research programs in the country.

Following a long tradition in marine and Antarctic exploration and discovery, researchers at the University of Tasmania continue to lead the world in Antarctic and Southern Ocean science and governance. Our researchers also help to drive marine technology capability and support sustainable marine industries.

Research outcomes include identifying solutions for bluefin tuna disease; optimising design of high-speed ferries; improving the health and yield of marine food sources such as salmon and lobster; and developing sea ice charting services for polar mariners in East Antarctica.

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Fast Facts

The University of Tasmania is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world for marine sciences by QS World University Rankings.

We are the only University to receive a 5 rating (well above world standard) for oceanography in 2010 and 2012 by the Australian Research Council.

The University is the lead partner in a new $23.8 million National Marine Biodiversity Hub to enable the study of the Southern Ocean and leads the Australian Research Council's $24 million Strategic Research Initiative for the Antarctic Gateway Partnership.

Research Focus

Ocean Sustainability

Investigating sustainable use of the ocean, while protecting the marine environment and its ecosystems.

Southern Ocean and Cryospheric Change

Understanding, predicting and adapting to oceanic and cryospheric change.

Maritime Technology and Navigation

Developing world-leading technology for marine and maritime research and industries.

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Supported by world-class infrastructure, our expert researchers work across a wide range of disciplines to deliver advanced knowledge and innovation in marine, Antarctic and maritime science and industries.


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