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Institute for the Study of Social Change

The Institute for the Study of Social Change harnesses expertise across the University of Tasmania to promote informed debate and effective solutions to emerging social challenges.

We provide policy, evaluation and social research services for a range of government and community partners.

The Institute presents free public events and engages with the media to promote informed discussion around key issues affecting Tasmania and the broader community.

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Tasmania's Australians of the Year for 2017 Events

The Institute for the Study of Social Change presented a series of free events in early August featuring Tasmania's Australians of the Year for 2017.

Rosalie Martin, Margaret Steadman, Mitch McPherson and Anthony Edler discussed what it means to be Australian and how to build strong communities where everyone belongs.

If you missed the Australian Identity forum in Hobart you can watch it now via the University of Tasmania’s Livestream page. On August 3 Tasmania’s Australians of the Year for 2017, as well as members of the Aboriginal and multicultural communities, took part in a thought-provoking discussion about Australian “values” – both perceived and real, helpful and unhelpful. Hosted by ABC journalist and newsreader Angela Ross, the conversation also featured an introduction by National Australia Day Council chief executive Chris Kirby. The main forum begins at the 26 minute mark.


The Institute for the Study of Social Change research programs build on the University of Tasmania’s national reputation for research across the social sciences and humanities by bringing together affiliated researchers spanning the social sciences, humanities, business, law, creative arts, science and beyond.

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Vice-Chancellor's research fellow Saul Eslake

Vice-Chancellor’s research fellow: Saul Eslake

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