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Deputy Director - Research

Professor Kitty te Riele

Kitty te Riele is an eminent authority on educational policy and practice. She works to enhance people’s opportunities to access and participate and succeed in education. Emphasis is placed on working with those in disadvantaged and under-represented communities. Kitty is internationally respected as a leading expert on alternative educational provision. Much of her research examines and supports the work of flexible learning programs to enable marginalised young people to improve their lives, further study, and employment opportunities through education and training.

Kitty is a public intellectual, collaborating closely with partner organisations and communicating her research to a wide audience. Examples include:

  • a set of resources about and for the flexible learning sector, including a major report, eight detailed case studies and a searchable national database: Jigsaw: eight case studies
  • a database of professional learning opportunities for staff in flexible learning programs
  • a co-hosted national conference for flexible and inclusive learning, “Doing School Differently”: contributions to community forums and programs, for example for the Victorian Department of Education and Training, the national Youth+ organisation, the Schools Plus Smart Giving program, and the Youth Affairs Coalition Victoria and
  • contributions to The Conversation.

In addition, Kitty has a strong commitment to the ethical conduct of research, serving on University ethics committees and writing on research ethics in relation to education and youth studies. Kitty is among the many migrants welcomed by Australia, making up our multicultural community. She moved from the Netherlands more than 20 years ago, and with her husband has lived in Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and Melbourne. They are delighted to make Tasmania their home.