University decision making

Decisions are made throughout the University guided by our Governance Framework, which includes legislation, policies, procedures, and delegations, and through our governing and leadership bodies such as University Council, Academic Senate and the University Executive Team.

Our Governance Instruments Framework provides guidance and accountability in decision making under the University of Tasmania Act 1992, our governing Act, and includes by-laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, and delegations.

A Guide to Decision Making has been developed to assist and empower staff members across the institution to act within their delegation and make sound and informed decisions.

Many staff, students and community members are involved in contributing to decision making through their participation in forums that either make decisions or provide a range of perspectives and advice to inform decisions. Student, staff and community perspectives are also gathered periodically through surveys and other feedback mechanisms.

Key decision-making forums include:

Research-specific matters related to ethics and integrity are supported through separate, dedicated services.

Important decisions about how funds raised through the Student Services and Amenities Fee – a compulsory fee for student services of a non-academic nature – are allocated are made in consultation with students, including elected student representatives from the Tasmanian University Student Association.