Statement of values

Our values rest on a thousand-year tradition of higher education and enduring foundations of shared purpose. We are a university: a diverse community that becomes more than the sum of its parts in its dedication to the stewardship of learning and knowledge, academic freedom, excellence and integrity. We continually evolve and transform to meet the challenges and opportunities that face us.

We are a Tasmanian institution. We work in a unique setting and actively partner with the communities in which we live, in support of a healthy, civil and sustainable society. At the same time, we are outwardly focussed and part of a global community, engaging with the rest of Australia and the world.

We subscribe to the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, trust and trustworthiness, respect and self-respect, and fairness and justice1 that act as the basis for collective principled action.

To guide the way we work together to achieve our University Vision and Mission, and building on the contributions of all who came before us, we bring these values to life by our individual and collective commitment to:

Creating and serving
shared purpose

We value the creation, expansion and dissemination of knowledge, and the promotion of continual learning. We are on a common journey to unlock and develop potential, foster talent and contribute to the life and work of our students, staff, alumni and wider society.

Nurturing a vital and
sustainable community

We value the care, connection and energy that come from a community of many levels and dimensions. Keeping our community strong supports each of us to find our place, do excellent work and extend our capabilities. We enable and participate in authentic conversations that allow us to be agents of change and transformation.

Focusing on

We value the creative possibilities that arise when people with skills, talents and innovative ideas come together and give each other the confidence to focus on opportunity.

Working from the strength diversity brings

We value diversity and the strength, resilience and creativity that it brings. We harness its gifts. In supporting the contribution and well-being of all, we create a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment.

Collaborating in ways that help us be the best we can be

We value a community that supports each of us to collaborate and to be the best we can be, flourishing both individually and collectively. Being supported to question and reflect gives us the freedom to challenge ourselves and each other. It reminds us that listening to, engaging with and involving others are vital for our success.

We lead by example, supporting each other to act with integrity, be accountable, and consistently live our values every day.


1The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, published by the Center for Academic Integrity, October 1999