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Criminology, Law and Police Studies Research Group

The Criminology, Law and Police Studies (CLPS) research group is a coordinated cross- disciplinary research cluster that brings together, develops and expands two key, existing, but currently separate, research units in the College of Arts, Law and Education: the Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES) and the Criminology Research Unit (CRU).

The CLPS research grouping aims to pursue new and innovative collaborative research opportunities with scholars across four major disciplines: criminology, police studies, forensic science and law reform.


Associate Professor Roberta Julian
School of Social Sciences

Research Areas

Current expertise within the grouping addresses the following areas of interest:

Police Studies:

Policing and public policy, police and young people, young offenders, the policing of sexual assault, public expectations of police, the policing of the mentally ill and police leadership.

Forensic Studies:

The interface between forensic science and the criminal justice system, social science analysis of forensic science, critical forensic studies, policing and forensic practice, environmental forensic studies, forensic science and the law.


Eco-global criminology, environmental criminology, penology and corrections, rehabilitation and capacity-building, juvenile justice.

Law Reform:

Juries and sentencing, law reform, public confidence in the justice system, sexual offences law, juveniles in the legal system.