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2021 Winter Graduations FAQs

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Winter Graduations will be proceeding. Ceremony dates, times and locations are available from the Graduation Dates page.

These ceremonies will be delivered as COVID-safe events. Our FAQs below should provide you with answers to many questions about the graduations.

Attendance at a graduation ceremony will be by registration, and all those participating in, and attending, will need to check in via the Check-in Tas app and hold a valid ticket.

Do I have to apply to graduate?

No, you will be identified as a potential graduand by your College. Then, once you pass your final course requirements and provided you don’t owe the university any money, you will become eligible to graduate. You do need to register to attend a graduation ceremony, however.

How do I know if I’m eligible to graduate?

You will receive a graduation eligibility letter from the Graduation Office in mid-June confirming your potential eligibility to graduate, subject to completing any last course requirements and payment of outstanding fees if applicable. This may happen slightly later if you are identified later. You will also see graduation information in eStudent.

Do I have to graduate?

You can’t defer your graduation, but you can choose to attend a later ceremony. This is called attending as a walk-through. If you don’t come to your ceremony, you will graduate in absentia.  Refer to our walk through information page on how to request a walk through at a future ceremony.

Do I have to attend the ceremony?

No, you don’t have to attend if you don’t want to. You can always attend a ceremony in the future if you decide later.  Refer to our walk through information page on how to request a walk through at a future ceremony.
If you do not attend your ceremony, you will graduate in absentia and your graduation documents will be posted after the conclusion of the graduation round.

How do I register to attend my ceremony?

Visit the Registration Portal to register your attendance once registration opens on Monday 12th July.  You log in using your student ID and family name, as listed on your student ID card. The registration process will include organising your guest tickets and academic dress hire.

When do I have to register by?

The final deadline to register is at midnight Sunday 25th July.  However, registration may close early if a ceremony reaches capacity before the registration deadline.  Register early to avoid missing out on attending your ceremony.

What if I don’t register in time?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late registrations.  If you do not register by Sunday 25th July (or earlier if a ceremony reaches capacity), you will have to wait until a future round of graduation ceremonies, either in Tasmania in December 2021, or in 2022.

Can I change my mind about going to the ceremony?  I can’t go to my registered ceremony now, how can I cancel my registration?

If you have already registered and no longer wish to attend, contact details for the registration provider will be included in the registration portal. They can cancel your registration and issue you a refund.

If you decide you want to attend, and it is still within the registration period you can go ahead and register.

I already have my certificate from graduating from an earlier round, but I didn’t attend a ceremony. Can I attend a ceremony now?

Yes, you can attend as a walk-through, which is just the same as everyone else except you won’t receive a testamur and transcript, because you already have them. Email to request to be included in the current graduation round.

I will not be attending my ceremony.  What do I do now?

If you are not attending your ceremony, you do not need to register.  Make sure your current preferred postal address is updated in eStudent as we will post your graduation documents to this address after the conclusion of the graduation round.

Who can I take to the ceremony?

You will be able to bring two guests.

I want to bring more than two people? How do I get extra tickets?

You may be able to purchase additional guest tickets should there be capacity in your ceremony when you register.  There will only be a limited number of guest tickets available for purchase.

If I’m not bringing two guests, can I give my tickets to someone else?

No. Guest tickets are attached to your own ticket as part of the online registration process. It is not possible to share or transfer tickets.

Does the number of people I can bring include me?

No, it’s you plus two guests.

Do I need a ticket for my attendance?

Yes, you will need a ticket to attend your graduation.  You will book this ticket when registering to attend your graduation.

Will extra tickets become available if the ceremony isn’t full or other students don’t bring guests?

Additional tickets may be available for purchase should venue capacity allow.

How will I get tickets for myself and guests?

When you register to attend, you will receive your tickets, for yourself and the number of guest tickets you selected or purchased by email . You can either print them out or take a screenshot of the QR code to bring on your device.

Please make sure you send on the tickets to your guest(s) before arriving at the graduation venue.

Do I have to print my tickets?

You can if you like, or you and/or your guests can bring the PDF or a screenshot of the QR code, on your device to be scanned at the ceremony.

My family is in another state, can they come to the ceremony?

It depends on restrictions on domestic travel into Tasmania at the time of the event.  For more information, please see

Can I get photos with my family?

Yes, photographers are at all ceremonies providing photography sessions for graduates and their friends and family.

Can I get photos in my gown?

Yes, you will be photographed as you cross the stage when presented to the Chancellor and can choose to purchase this photo if you want to. You can also pay to have photos taken in your academic dress after the ceremony.

Can my family take photos?

Yes of course but we do require everyone to maintain physical distancing. If taking photos at the ceremony, they must remain seated.

Will the ceremony be broadcast live?

Yes, all our graduation ceremonies are available live on the University of Tasmania YouTube channel.

Will the ceremony be recorded?

Yes, all our graduation ceremonies are broadcast live and recorded. The recordings are available on the University of Tasmania Graduation website for several years after the ceremony.

Can I get a copy of the video of the ceremony?

Whilst you can’t download or purchase a copy, it will remain available to watch online for several years after the ceremony.

How do I get to the ceremony?

For details of our graduation venues, including how to get there, please see our website.

Where is the ceremony?

Ceremonies are held at the Federation Concert Hall, Hobart Grand Chancellor in Hobart, and Albert Hall in Launceston.  For venue details including how to get there, please see our Graduation Venues page.

Do I sit with my guests or other students?

You will be allocated a seat near the front of the auditorium, in the order you will be presented to the Chancellor.  Your guests will not be seated with you.

Do I still get to go on stage?

Yes, you will still be presented to the Chancellor and get to cross the stage. The only difference will be is that you won’t shake the Chancellor’s hand.

What do I have to do at the ceremony?

You will be seated in the order you will be presented to the Chancellor by your Executive Dean or their representative. On your seat will be a card/cards which form the script for the ceremony. When it comes time, your row will be called to stand, you’ll give your card/s to the Dean, they’ll announce your name and award then you’ll cross the stage and meet the Chancellor. On the other side of the stage you’ll receive your testamur, then you’ll return to your seat. A full run-through will be provided before the ceremony starts so it’s important to be there early.

How long is the ceremony?

Ceremonies will generally be 60-90 minutes long.

What happens in the ceremony?

The academic procession will arrive and sit on stage, then the national anthem will be played. After that, the Chancellor will deliver welcome remarks and a representative of the University will provide an address. You will then be presented to the Chancellor, one-by-one, having a photo with him as you cross the stage. After graduates are presented, the ceremony will conclude.

Will academics from my School/College be there?

Yes, academics from your course will be invited to attend your graduation ceremony and will be seated on stage if they are able to attend.

Will there be a party after the ceremony?

Yes, refreshments will be served after your graduation ceremony.

Can I get my photo with the Chancellor?

Yes, you’ll have your photo taken with the Chancellor when you cross the stage. You will remain 1.5m apart and won’t shake hands. You can then view and purchase (if you want to) your photo online.

What do I wear?

We encourage all graduands to wear academic dress, but this is not mandatory. You will wear a gown appropriate to your degree, a hood or stole and a trencher (hat) or bonnet, depending on your degree. You wear your own clothes under your academic dress.

Do I have to buy a gown?

No, you hire your gown and other regalia when you register for your ceremony.

Where do I get a gown?

When you register to attend your ceremony, you will be provided with the collection date/time and location for your academic dress hire.

What is academic dress?

Academic dress is traditional clothing worn at graduation or commencement ceremonies. It usually consists of a gown, a hood or stole in the colours of the discipline, and a hat (usually a trencher or mortarboard).

What is a hood?

A hood is a decorative piece of academic dress that is worn over the gown. It is either trimmed or lined with the colour of the discipline of your award. It sits on your shoulders and falls down your back.

What is a stole?

A stole is a coloured piece of fabric, like a scarf, that is worn around the neck. It is worn instead of a hood for certain degree types.

What is the colour for my course?

There are a range of colours relevant to award disciplines that are worn as part of academic dress. These are detailed in the Academic Dress Procedure.

What hat do I get?

If you are graduating with a PhD or another doctorate-level qualification, you will wear a Tudor bonnet made of velvet. All other degree types wear a trencher, also known as a mortarboard. It’s a square hat with a tassel on top. You will get to keep the trencher.

Do I have to wear academic dress?

We strongly encourage all graduands to wear academic dress at their graduation ceremony, however this is not mandatory. It’s worth noting that it is very rare for graduands not to wear academic dress.

Do I have to wear the hat?

No, it’s not mandatory but almost all graduands do.

Will I get my certificate/testamur and transcript at the ceremony?

Yes, if you are attending your ceremony, you will be given your testamur and academic transcript at your ceremony.  If you are not attending your ceremony, your graduation documents will be posted to you after the conclusion of the graduation round.

If you have already graduated, you will have already received your testamur and academic transcript.

Will I get digital documents in My eQuals?

Yes, you will receive a digital testamur, academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).  These documents will be available in My eQuals, and you will receive an email in the days following graduation to let you know when you can view these documents, as well as instructions on how to register with the My eQuals website.

If I don’t go to the ceremony, how do I get my certificate?

It will be sent to you by Registered Post after the conclusion of the graduation round.  If your documents are being sent to a non-Australian address, please allow extra time for delivery.

How will contact tracing be managed?

When you arrive at the venue, you will be required to scan a QR code on your smart phone to check into the venue.

Please make sure that you and your guests download the Check in Tas App before arriving at the venue. Venue staff will be available to assist you and your guests with the check-in process if necessary.

My guests, and/or I, don't have the Check-in Tas app?

If no members of your party attending the graduations cannot access the Check-in Tas app, then sign in sheets will be available at the venue for you to complete.

How will physical distancing be maintained?

To meet current guidelines, the two square metres per person rule will apply at all venues, in accordance with the maximum density limit.

What is physical distancing?

Physical or social distancing continues to be the strongest safeguard to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Government protocols recommends people maintain a safe distance of no less than 1.5 metres between yourself and others where practicable.

Will my guests and I have to wear a mask?

The wearing of masks in venues is not currently mandated in Tasmania.

My family is in another state, can they come to the ceremony?

It depends on restrictions on domestic travel at the time of the event.  For more information, please see

Will my family have to quarantine if they come from another state?

For up-to-date information on quarantine requirements please see