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Emergency management & preparedness

The University of Tasmania is committed to providing a safe workplace for staff, students and visitors through effective emergency management and preparedness.

What is considered an emergency and how is it managed?

  • An emergency is an actual or imminent event that requires an immediate response from either internal or external resources.
  • The University has in place specific emergency management plans and emergency procedures for potential incidents to guide the responses of our Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), staff, students and visitors.
  • These plans and procedures are underpinned by the following objectives:
    • to save lives
    • to project property and prevent harm to the environment
    • to help restore essential infrastructure
    • to help restore academic and administrative functions to business as usual.
  • Our emergency preparedness and response processes are reviewed annually by regular evacuation exercises and servicing and testing of emergency facilities and equipment.
  • ECO responsibilities are allocated to a wide variety of staff and emergency-related training is provided by the University . All staff are required to complete health and safety training as a condition of employment, and all contractors are required to complete health and safety inductions, making adherence to emergency protocols and drills mandatory.

Chief Wardens

  • We have a number of volunteer Chief Wardens across our campuses. It is their job to confirm with the Emergency Wardens that all affected floors have been evacuated promptly where a building must be evacuated. They also act as a communication point for external emergency services when they arrive at the scene.
  • Chief Wardens may coordinate emergency response actions within the building, including initiating an evacuation in circumstances where their local or specialist knowledge is appropriate to the situation.

Emergency Wardens

  • We have a wide network of volunteer Emergency Wardens.  It is their job to help with the evacuation of a building if it is required.  They are identified by wearing red hats during an evacuation.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a warden for your building please contact your supervisor in the first instance. You'll need to also complete our online training program.

An incident has just occurred: What should I do?

Our Emergency Procedures outline what you need to do in the event of an incident:

You can download a copy of these Emergency Procedures by clicking the download arrow icon next to the printer icon in the flipping book above.

If you would like a printed hard-copy of our Emergency Procedures, please email

Emergency management resources