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IELTS Test Results

When do I get my results?

Paper-based test:

IELTS results are posted out to candidates 13 days after the test.  There have been some delays in delivery by Australia Post due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  If you need your test results urgently, you will need to contact us prior to the exam. Contact us.

Computer-based test:

IELTS results are posted out 3 days after the test.

Receive your results by SMS

Candidates can apply to receive their results to their mobile phone on release date. Candidates will be able to apply for this when they are registering for their test.

Preview your results

You can preview your test results online. Your test results will be available online after 5pm on release date and will remain available for 28 days thereafter. Please note the preview of your IELTS Test results cannot be used as official confirmation of your score.

IELTS Preview your test results

How do I send my results to someone else?

You may nominate to send a copy of your IELTS Test results to up to five eligible receiving institutions. Eligible receiving institutions are:

  • government departments
  • academic Institutions (eg colleges and universities)
  • professional associations (eg. Engineers, Medical Board etc)
  • employers

We can either send your results by post or we can give your receiving institutions access to your results online.  If you would like us to do this, you will require your TRF number.  Please email us at for details.

You need to supply full mailing details (including case /file number) on the application form.  Please make sure you check with your receiving organisation about their entry requirements.

Can I get more than one copy of my results?

No, candidates receive only one copy of their results. You should always keep your original results and request additional copies be sent to eligible receiving organisations.

What if I change my address?

Email us if you change your address before the test day.  Please include your

  • full name
  • test date and module
  • your new address details

If you move without telling us, we cannot replace your test report form. Contact us with your new address.

Can I get my results sent overseas?

We cannot guarantee the delivery of mail to your country and will not replace any results that do not reach you. If you would like your results mailed overseas you need to provide a stamped, addressed international envelope before or at the test.  Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange payment for an express international envelope to mail your results to an overseas University or other institution.

How long are my results valid for?

Results are usually recognised for up to two years, but you will need to confirm the validity with the organisation where you are applying.