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Awards and Badges in MyLO

What is the awards tool?

The Awards tool can be used to create Badges and Certificates to reflect the achievement of different milestones within a unit offering. In the Awards tool, instructors can design badges and certificates and link them to release conditions to allow automatic awarding. Students can see the awards that they have already earned, as well as those that they have yet to earn, in the associated My Awards tool.

Why use the awards tool?

Use the Awards tool to:

  • Reward Students with badges and certificates immediately after they have completed an activity or assignment.
  • Build an element of gamification into your unit and better engage your learners.
  • Provide a consolidation/ celebration piece to the completion of an assignment or activity.
  • Track student progress and development.
  • Build a hands-off method of instant feedback.

Creating awards

Badges and certificates are created using the Awards tool, which can be accessed through your unit navbar within the assessment group. You can view shared awards and then select Add Award to Unit, or you can select Create Award to build from scratch. Add a name and description, and select the Award Type (badge or certificate).

Expiry Dates can be set as relative or fixed dates. You can also choose to share your award with other units or to limit it to the current unit.

Instructions on how to create either a Certificate or Badge can be found here:

Information on how to create your own custom certificate to use can be found in this guide.

Student information on Awards.