How do we use your information?

We will only use your information:

  • For the purposes for which it was collected
  • For a directly related purpose
  • When we have the appropriate consent to do so, or
  • As otherwise required, permitted or authorised by law such as for reporting purposes to the Commonwealth, State Departments and other statutory bodies.

Your information may be de-identified and used for survey data. You will not be identified through this process and we will use best endeavours to ensure that it is not re-identifiable.

If there has been an incident and it has been reported, and where information is sensitive, the University may anonymise, collate and analyse this data and information to improve academic and welfare support.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of uses of your information that you should expect:

  1. To undertake selection into University courses and offerings;
  2. To enrol and re-enrol you into courses, units and offerings;
  3. To determine eligibility for scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other awards;
  4. To communicate with you about your courses, activities, services, and opportunities such as study abroad, work integrated learning, student wellbeing, residential services and parking as examples;
  5. To assess your academic work and academic progress;
  6. For timetabling services;
  7. To operate externally hosted applications as part of providing education and candidature services to you such as google, Microsoft, our Learning Management System, MyLo, online courses and pre-enrolment testing providers, where appropriate;
  8. For eligibility for FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP, VET FEE-HELP, OS-HELP, OR VET Student Loans to assess your entitlement to Commonwealth assistance and allocation of your Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN);
  9. For the purposes of other institutions (whether located in Australia or overseas) who are involved in the delivery of your course of study;
  10. For assessing your eligibility for circumstances such as remission, refunds, or for sitting exams;
  11. For plagiarism detection, such as using the Turnitin plagiarism detection service;
  12. To process your graduation, including publishing your name, date of graduation, and award obtained publicly;
  13. To process changes to your status at the University including exclusion and withdrawal.
  14. Convocation programmes, which include the name and award of each graduate at that ceremony are a public record of the University.
  1. To provide you with access to and support from
    1. Information Technology Services;
    2. Library services and third-party online learning resources
  2. To use and for the University to analyse student information of systems such as MyLo and the University network to enable analytics and to identify and contact students who may need additional support and services;
  3. To make you aware of University news and events;
  4. To invite you to participate in surveys or research;
  5. To make you aware of additional and further opportunities for further study.
  1. To provide you with access to and support from University safety and wellbeing services, including:
    1. Student services;
    2. Disability support;
    3. Equity and diversity;
    4. Tutoring programs including programs such as PASS;
    5. Personal counselling;
    6. Health services;
    7. Recreational services;
    8. Career counselling
    9. Safe community services;
    10. Insurance and travel services;
  2. To communicate with you and your nominated contact in the event of an emergency or risk to safety and wellbeing.
  1. To manage, investigate and report incidents relating to inappropriate behaviour, general misconduct, complaints or breaches to academic or research integrity;
  2. To manage and investigate complaints and appeals.
  1. To undertake audit, planning and statistical analysis, benchmarking, quality assurance activities, continuous quality improvement;
  2. For research (which is for internal use and for statutory reporting).
  1. To engage and connect with you within the University’s alumni network and associated services such as inclusion on the Alumni and Advancement Office database to seek your support in the future.