Representations of Antarctica


Numerous people have contributed the construction of the bibliography, and I would like to express my thanks to all of them. In particular, the late Fauno Cordes, whose pioneering research into the field of fictional representations of Antarctica has provided an excellent springboard for further scholarly study, was very generous and enthusiastic in supplying information and material. This bibliography is designed to complement her bibliography of Antarctic fiction and place-names, "Tekeli-Li", which runs until 2009; anyone using the present bibliography should certainly pay "Tekeli-Li" a visit.

Another useful and informative bibliography is "Laura Kay's Polar Collections", compiled by Laura Kay, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Chair of Women's Studies at Barnard College, Columbia University. It includes both North and South Polar titles and features a particularly strong collection of genre fiction. I'm grateful to Professor Kay for sending me many suggestions as well as novels.

A number of libraries and librarians have also been very helpful in assisting our research, particularly Andie Smithies and Graeme Watt at the Australian Antarctic Division Library; Hilary Shibata at the Scott Polar Research Institute Library in Cambridge; Stephen Martin and his colleagues at the State Library of New South Wales, especially those maintaining the Mitchell Library and Dixson Library collections; and the staff at the Fisher Library, University of Sydney; the University of Canterbury Library, Christchurch, New Zealand; and the Tasmaniana section of the State Library of Tasmania, Hobart.

In addition to those named above, many researchers and creative writers provided leads or contributed advice and comments, including Gordon Bain, Bill Manhire, William Fox, Valmar Kurol, Bernadette Hince, Lester Chaplow, Kathryn Yusoff and Craig Cormick.

Four research assistants, Stephanie Pfennigwerth, Anna Lucas, Bridget Eltham, and Jacqueline Fox have worked on creating and maintaining this bibliography. All have been enthusiastic and untiring in their efforts. Damian Murphy has given support and encouragement throughout the project.

This bibliography would not have been possible without the support of the University of Tasmania, which provided funding to initiate and maintain the bibliography. I am grateful to the University for this support.


Many of the photographs on this site were provided by Damian Murphy, Stephanie Pfennigwerth and Elizabeth Leane. Elizabeth's photographs were taken as a result of her Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, which enabled her to travel to Antarctica on the expedition ship Aurora Australis.

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