Representations of Antarctica

Introduction to the Bibliography

This bibliography was compiled as part of an ongoing study of textual representations of Antarctica by Ass. Prof. Elizabeth Leane, School of Humanities, University of Tasmania. The construction and maintenance of the bibliography was supported by two internal grants.

The primary aim of the bibliography is to provide a research resource for scholars in the humanities interested in imaginative representations of Antarctica. It does not aim to be comprehensive. For complementary online Antarctic and polar bibliographies, see Acknowledgments. Only texts which have, in the admittedly subjective opinion of the compilers, substantial Antarctic material are included. The bibliography covers texts written in English or translated into English. Where a qualifying remark is required, this is given underneath the relevant entry. The MLA citation system has been employed throughout the bibliography.

The bibliography is divided into seven separate sections covering material relating to Antarctica within a variety of genres, and an addition section listing literary and cultural criticism relating to Antarctica:

The material covered within each of the eight sections is outlined at the beginning of that section. The relatively lengthy bibliography of adult fiction relating to the Antarctic has been divided into two sections, one covering fiction published before 1950, the other covering fiction published in or since 1950. No period limits apply to any of the other sections.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or know of a text which should be included in the bibliography, please email Elizabeth Leane.