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The Maternal Experience study

A set of surveys to investigate factors influencing health and wellbeing during pregnancy and up to 12 months post-delivery.

Four surveys in total will be completed by participants over a 15-month period: during their third trimester, and at six weeks, six months, and 12 months post-partum. Information pertaining to post-partum depression risk factors, breastfeeding trends, and contraception use will be of particular interest. Participant data will be de-identified and stored on a secure, password-protected server at the University of Tasmania.

To be considered eligible, participants must be currently pregnant, living in Australia, and 18 years of age or older. Note that individuals will be ineligible if acting as a surrogate, or if their pregnancy results in adoption or removal of the child/ren into foster care.

image of pregnant women

This project has ethical approval from the University of Tasmania Human Ethics Committee (project ID 21790).

Recruitment has now closed for this study, however the study itself is still ongoing (i.e. following the journey of registered participants). If you are interested in the results of this research, please provide your contact details here:

If you would like to get in touch with the study team, please email