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Engagement and Education Transforms

When the late Governor, the Honourable Peter Underwood, started a conversation with the University about what could be done to assist Tasmania and Tasmanians, he was clear that a collaborative focus on educational attainment and lifelong aspirations to learn, could benefit the whole community.

His vision, which endures today through the activity of our Centre, is that positive and sustained transformation is possible if we are committed to:

  • Bringing people together to find long-term solutions,
  • Creating partnerships across the educational and political spectrum, and
  • Providing neutral space where ideas could be explored and conversations could be had, free from short term pressures.

The Centre hosted biennial symposiums in 2015, 2017 and 2019 to bring together scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to explore, discuss and share insights about our collective mission to raise aspirations for educational attainment.

Our Patron, Mrs Frances Underwood, wrote after the first Education Transforms symposium:

We are not alone in our quest to lift aspiration and ensure that our young people thrive in a culture of success and sound relationships; experience the joy of learning; benefit from the daily contribution of exceptional teachers; and are the recipients of all the good that arises from effective coordination between family, school and community. The symposium itself was a fine example of how sharing knowledge, effort and resources can stimulate creative thought processes, and build trust-based relationships and social capital in the pursuit of a shared goal.