Elite Athlete Recognition Application

  1. Do you compete in high level sport and believe you meet the meet the eligibility criteria for the program?
  2. Have you been accepted into your University of Tasmania course and received your Student ID?
  3. Do you have evidence to support your level of sporting commitments (e.g. Letter of Endorsement, letter of selection, email confirming your selection)?
  4. Are you ready to upload a high resolution photo of yourself in a sporting environment (make sure your face can be seen)?

Upon submission of this application form, the University of Tasmania's Elite Athlete Program Coordinator will process your application based on the eligibility criteria within two weeks of submission.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Personal details
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin? *
Enrolment details
Sporting details
Supporting evidence
Please attach some evidence that demonstrates you are an athlete that competes at elite level per the eligibility criteria. This could be a letter of support from an official member of your sporting body, a letter of selection in a state or national team etc.
1x high resolution sport related photo with your face clearly visible
Agreement *
  • I acknowledge that the information provided on this elite athlete application form is true and correct. I am aware that these details will be available to the University of Tasmania Elite Athlete Program Coordinator.
  • I acknowledge that I may be asked to assist at some University of Tasmania events to promote sport at university.
  • I acknowledge that the University of Tasmania has the right to republish my photo(s) on our website, social media and for promotional purposes.
  • I acknowledge that I will represent the University of Tasmania at the UniSport Nationals in my sport, subject to my elite sporting commitments
Privacy Statement

The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of the Elite Athlete Friendly University program. If you choose not to complete all the questions on this form, it may not be possible for UTAS to assist you as a student athlete. Personal information may also be disclosed to University of Tasmania faculty contacts and the Australian Institute of Sport.

For further information, please contact the Elite Athlete Program Coordinator on +61 3 6226 6464

By submitting this form you consent to the University collecting, using, storing and disclosing your personal information as outlined in our Privacy Statements and in accordance with the University’s Privacy Policy.