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Ms Tara Howell

Based in Launceston, Tara was appointed to Council in 2021.

Tara has a passion for Tasmania and has brought to fruition a number of acclaimed projects including ‘Blue Derby Pods Ride’ and ‘Change Overnight’.

Blue Derby Pods Ride is the first and only five-star mountain biking experience in Australia, and has proudly afforded Tara a 2018 and 2019 Tasmanian Tourism Silver Award for Adventure Tourism, the 2018 Tasmanian Young Achiever of the Year for Tourism, and the 2017 Trailblazing Innovator of the Year Award, all in the business's first two years of operation. Never far from innovation in the Tourism space, Tara was excited to co-found Change Overnight in mid-2019 - a 31-bed hotel which gives back something tangible to the world with every night's stay.

With a strong background in the space of Brand and Marketing, Tara continually looks to ask the tough questions which few seem to be asking, and to challenge the status quo. Tara wholly embraces her creative and challenging nature, and will continue to advocate and innovate for a more sustainable world. Tara strongly believes that equality in opportunity, especially gender equality globally, is a clear pathway forward to realising this goal.