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State Government Partnership

The University signed an historic partnership with the Tasmanian Government during a State Reception celebrating the institution's 125th year.

The partnership outlines bold plans which are designed to fundamentally shift the State onto a stronger footing.

Five high level objectives for the next decade outlined in the agreement include:

  • Access and attainment – to raise the number of Tasmanians in higher education by 10,000.
  • Economic impact – to grow the research and higher education sector in Tasmania by increasing the turnover of the University of Tasmania to at least $1 billion (currently $560 million).
  • Internationalisation – increase the flow of international students into the Tasmanian community and doubling their contribution to the economy to $400 million within five years.
  • A modern economy – aligning higher education with current and future workforce needs with research providing the innovation capacity for new industries.
  • Revitalised regions – bring capital investment worth more than $400 million into regional Tasmanian centres.

    The University believes that what we need to achieve will only be achieved in partnership. This includes partnership with Government, with business and the community.

View the full partnership agreement (PDF 280KB)

View the Annual Statement on Progress 2016 (PDF 145KB)

View the Annual Statement on Progress 2017 (PDF 5.8MB)