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Key Addresses

Alongside his role as Vice-Chancellor at the University of Tasmania, Professor Black is a noted ethicist with academic standing in theology, philosophy and management.

As such, he is well placed to provide comment on those issues important to the functioning of society.

The University of Tasmania believes each of our academics can make a vital contribution to the important public conversations across a range of disciplines.

This page contains Professor Black's key addresses, which are designed to serve as his contribution to those conversations.

Invasion Day Rally 2020

Speech Transcripts

The Moral Limits of Law: A Reflection for the Opening of the Legal Year (PDF 194.0 KB)

Professor Rufus Black, St David’s Cathedral, Hobart; January 31, 2020

Invasion Day Speech (PDF 165.6 KB)

Professor Rufus Black, Parliament House Lawns, January 26, 2020