Manage your Enrolment

Enrolment for 2015 is now open

All students enrolling for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees enrol online via eStudent. Students can access eStudent on or off campus anytime by any computer with internet access.

Using eStudent allows you to manage different aspects of your enrolment including:

  • enrolment
  • fees and payments
  • updating your details

Save time and manage your enrolment online

Manage Enrolment

You can submit your enrolment using the study plan*, and without first obtaining approval from your School, Institute or Faculty, subject to requisites and degree rules.
If your enrolment is incorrect, your Faculty or Institute will contact you.

* New students commencing in 2015 will have a personalised study plan which will guide them through selection of pre-planned units.

* Students who commenced in 2014 will soon have a similar plan available for 2015 enrolment. However, students can still enrol for 2015.

* Students who commenced in 2013 or earlier can enrol for 2015 without a study plan. Enrolments will be checked and approved by the School or Faculty officer.

Enrolment Assistance Online

An eStudent Enrolment Guide is available here

Please view the video on how to enrol