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What to Pay

How do I determine how much my student contribution or tuition fees are?


Student contribution or tuition fees will be invoiced to you automatically via eStudent once you have enrolled in the units you wish to study.

To view your invoice, login to your eStudent, and click on the Email My Tax Invoice button under the Finance tab.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The Fees Unit coordinate the invoicing and collection of this fee only. We can answer all your questions in regards to your SSAF invoice and the payment of this fee.

For all other enquiries please see Student Services and Amenities Fee SSAF on the Current Students website or contact us at

Please note: SSAF is currently incorporated into the annual rate for International students. A separate SSAF charge does not apply to International students in 2017.

Other Fees & Charges

During your time at the University of Tasmania, you may have additional costs and fees other than those for your course tuition.

  • Text books and stationery. This will vary course to course, however we recommend allowing up to $1000 for a full time study load.
  • Accommodation
    • Students may need to re-locate in order to study with UTAS. Accommodation costs vary greatly and should be factored into your planning. We recommend allowing between $6000 - $13000.
  • Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF)
  • Administration Costs and Fees, for example: (Note: link just took you back to fees home page - removed)
    • A late fee may be charged if a deadline for application or payment is missed.
    • If your enrolment is cancelled for non-payment, you may be charged an enrolment re-instatement fee
    • A cost may be incurred for requesting additional academic transcripts.
  • Fines
    • These can be incurred for having, for example, outstanding items from the library
  • Incidental Course Fees
    • Some courses may include costs for example, a Laboratory coat, filed trips etc.
  • Printing and Photocopying Fees