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Discover your future career in health

Spend the day with us in hands-on workshops

A career in health can provide a highly challenging and rewarding professional career. Maybe you want to gain a deeper understanding of the human body, help individuals and communities or discover cures for diseases? Maybe you want to travel, help people or have a job where you are always outdoors?.

The University of Tasmania is here to help! Spend the day with our staff and students and to see what a health course is like and what types of careers they can lead to. Register for a Taster Day in Nursing, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Paramedicine or Medical Research and discover what these professions have to offer.

Nursing & Health Sciences

Experience what it is like to work as a nurse with hands-on activities and learn about the number of tasks nurses are required to juggle, and some of the common scenarios they face. Put your practical nursing skills to the test to help you decide whether Nursing is the career for you.

A career in Health Science offers a variety of opportunities in laboratory medicine, exercise science, medical radiation science and nutrition.

Next Taster Day event

The Nursing and Health Sciences Taster Day will run again in 2018. Register your details if you would like more information or be notified when dates become available.


Explore a career in Pharmacy at this Taster Day and learn about the rewarding pathways you could follow. Find out what a pharmacist does in your local pharmacy and why it is such an important job. Pharmacists work in hospitals, in the community, on the road and even behind the scenes in areas of drug research.

Next Taster Day event

The Pharmacy Taster Day will run again on Monday, 3rd September 2018. Registrations for this taster day are now open.

Medicine, Paramedicine & Medical Research

Spend the day learning about careers in health through the eyes of a medical researcher, paramedic and doctor. This Taster Day will be held in Hobart at the Medical Science Precinct where you can also learn about student life at the School of Medicine. There will be hands on activities and opportunities to ask questions about these careers.

Next Taster Day event

The next taster day event is on Wednesday the 27th of June 2018. Registrations for this event are now closed.

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